Sunday, December 13, 2009

the Dark show 18/12/2009 @ Gagarin 205

the Dark show 18/12/2009 @ Gagarin 205
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Dear friend,
Finally this is an email to everyone who has subscribed to our newsletter at some point or downloaded our last record. A whole year passed... with the "Xmass European Tour" and the greek island "Pirate Tour"... but now we re back home in Athens for the sickest party.
There will be sunsets, pirates, summers, colors, waves, stars and bottles... There will be loudness, fear, rage, gasoline, frustration, hatred and rollercoasters... There will be whiskey, darkness, rain, hope and ultimately silence
Three hours of dub/reggae/punk/hardcore/rock/acoustic from all discography. Recruited 5 more members for this party... and all hell will break loose... Join us if you live in Athens. The show will take place at Gagarin 205. (Liosion 205)
Hope to see you there...
VJ crew
Tickets are available at:
Rhythm Records Em.Mpenaki 74 Exarheia Athens
And online at
P.S If you got any questions dont hesitate to reply to this or send us an email at fuckoff [at] cballrec [dot] com... Peace
Vodka Juniors · P.O.Box 52817 · Athens · · 14671
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